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The Eleven Competencies of Leadership

Throughout the week of camp, campers will be trained in the following skills by ALTA Youth Staff, and will continue to have fun and creative opportunities to apply them. Phase 1 learns the first 7 competencies; Phase 2 learns the first 9; and Phase 3 learns all 11.

1.    Communication - Girls will learn to give, receive, interpret, and retrieve information successfully.

2.    Knowing and Using Resources - Girls will learn to understand which human and physical resources        are available to the group.

3.    Understanding Needs and Characteristics - Girls will learn that everyone has different        characteristics and to meet the needs related to these characteristics.

4.    Effective Teaching - Girls will learn the 6 steps it takes to effectively teach different members of a        group.

5.    Planning - Girls will learn the 6 steps of planning and how to implement them.

6.    Evaluation -  Girls will learn the 6 questions asked during evaluation and how to apply them both        during and after the fact.

7.    Setting the Example - Girls will learn how to set a good example for their peers, group members, and        other leaders. This is the most importanleadership skill.

8.    Controlling Group Performance - Girls will learn different strategies they can use to control a group        depending on the situation and group dynamic.

9.    Sharing Leadership - Girls will learn how to interact with other leaders and make compromises when        they have varying leadership styles.

10.  Counseling - Girls will learn how to deal with problems as they arise by interacting with others to        solve problems, both emotional and otherwise.

11.  Representing the Group - Girls will learn how to act as member of multiple groups and represent        each with minimal conflicts.